Georgia Tech Antenna Test Range

Georgia Tech Research Institute Electromagnetic Test and Evaluation Facility

The Georgia Tech Research Institute's Electromagnetic Test and Evaluation Facility is a multi-purpose, wideband, antenna test facility. We can test almost any antenna, from 200 MHz to 100 GHz, using near-field and far-field ranges designed for a variety of applications. With decades of experience, GTRI is recognized by the world-wide community of antenna designers as a precision laboratory specializing in the testing of prototype antennas and RF devices. The test and measurement facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment/software in RF performance, supported by continuous in-house calibrations. Mechanical positioners are designed to precisely orient antennas varying in size from the smallest patch to a 100-ton vehicle. We regularly provide services for both government and commercial sponsors.


The EMTEF includes several antenna test ranges capable of handling a wide range of antenna configurations and measurements.

Cross-Pol Discrimination
Side-lobe Levels
Radiation Patterns (line cuts and spheres)
Axial Ratio

GTRI engineers have years of expertise designing, building, and testing all types of antennas. We can help you determine which antenna range to use and measurements to take. Our in-house mechanical engineers and technicians can construct mounting brackets for nearly any antenna.

Antenna Test Ranges

"FarNearFields-USP-4998112" by Peter R. Franchi et al. - US Patent 4998112. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

Far Field Range

The Far Field Antenna Range consists of two signal towers, source and receive, situated 1300' apart. It features a heavy-duty, three-axis positioner, capable of handling antennas up to 30 feet in diameter and weighing up to 30,000 pounds. It ensures extreme mechanical precision through its exceptionally massive towers and stable platforms at both ends. RF is provided by an 8530-based remote mixer system.

Range Length1300 feet tower to tower
Frequency500 MHz to 110 GHz
Configuration OptionsOutdoor Far Field
UHF Slant Range
Maximum Antenna DiameterUp to 30 feet
Maximum Antenna Weight15 tons

Spherical Near Field Range

The Spherical Near Field Antenna Range at GTRI is a controlled primarily by Nearfield Systems, Inc. (NSI) positioners and software. The positioning system is an ā€˜Lā€™ bracket, roll-over-azimuth style, large enough for antennas that would fit within a horizontal cylinder 12 feet long by 8 feet in diameter. The rotary stages are the largest offered by NSI with a 10,000 lb. vertical load capacity and a 2,500 ft-lb. bending moment. The frequency of operation is limited at the low end to 1120 MHz (WR650 probe), while the high end is yet to be determined. System validations on standard gain horns have been performed through Ku-band (18 GHz). All EMTEF indoor antenna ranges use Agilent PNA receivers in a remote mixer configuration.

Maximum Test Object Size12 feet long by 8 feet diameter
Frequency1120 MHz to 18 GHz
Configuration OptionsSpherical Near Field
Maximum Vertical Load5 ton
Maximum Bending Moment2,500 ft-lb.

Planar/Clyndrical Near Field Range

The Planar/Cylindrical Near Field Antenna Range consists of a 20 feet x 10 feet Nearfield Systems X-Y scanner for planar near field measurements, and an azimuth turntable used in conjunction with the 10ā€™ vertical scanner for cylindrical near field measurements. The frequency of operation extends from 1120 MHz (WR650 probe) to 40 GHz (WR28 probe). The RF system employs an Agilent PNA receiver in a remote mixer configuration.

Scan Size20 feet wide by 10 feet tall
Frequency1120 MHz to 40 GHz
Configuration OptionsPlanar Near Field
Cylindrical Near Field


The planar near-field range was renovated in August 2016. All new absorber from Comtest Engineering was installed along with range cameras.

Anechoic Chamber

The Anechoic Chamber is an instrumented chamber suitable for indoor testing of electrically small to medium-sized antennas at frequencies from 200 MHz to 110 GHz. The chamber is 20 x 36 feet in size, and has a combination of 24 inch and 36 inch absorber fully covering the shielded walls, ceiling, and doors. The RF system employs an Agilent PNA receiver. The positioner is a dielectric roll-over-azimuth style.

Chamber Size20 ft. wide by 10 feet tall by 36 feet long
Frequency200 MHz to 110 GHz
Configuration OptionsIndoor Far Field
Antenna Isolation


The large turntable is comprised of an elevated platform built onto the side of the source tower of the outdoor far field range, and a heavyweight turntable located approximately 150 feet from the base of the tower. The platform can be elevated over a distance of approximately 90 feet above the tower base. This allows testing to be performed on tank-sized targets at elevation angles up to 32 degrees and is suitable for on-vehicle antenna testing and specific RCS applications. The turntable can support a vertical load in excess of 200,000 pounds (100 tons).


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